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FREE Summer Fun in Kentucky

FREE Summer Fun in Kentucky

Why is free summer fun so hard to come up with these days?! Is it just me? Maybe it is.

After our most recent Monsoon in Kentucky, we were anxious to get outside and DO something. I’ve been taking notes (literally) when I see people post cool places to social media they’ve been with their fam bams – Extra noting if it’s FREE fun.
So today I typed Parkland Parks, Louisville Kentucky into our GPS and let Vincent drive because we really wanted to get there and not Ohio or somewhere else that isn’t where the GPS said to go (that’s a joke if you don’t know me yet).
Once we arrived we drove around to feel the park out. Vincent and the kids had never heard of the Parklands and honestly, I knew I’d noted it as a great FREE place to go… I still didn’t know for sure what was there.
We were pleasantly surprised! There are TONS of amazing trails there, lots of walkers/runners/bike riders on the trails and it felt relatively safe to be doing any of those things as far as traffic goes. But if you know kids, okay maybe not but if you know my kids.. you know we demand more for a fun time and the Parklands did not disappoint!
We were able to catch a park worker and I asked if there were any shallow creeks the kids could wade around in. She directed us to a playground, that had not only tons of newish, cool playground equipment but an amazing “Sprayground” that had some mega shade for us hot, worn out, summer deranged parents to cool off under and still be able to see our kids having the best kind of summer fun ever.
Now back to that creek! The kids needed to dry off because #1 Mom and Dad over here had no idea there would be a full-fledged water experience happening today. We took off on Osage Trail which was directly behind Marshall Playground & Sprayground and it was so kid and Mom who is so out of shape friendly. A quick .25 mile walk with so much to stop and see along the way. There were several creek breakaways where the kids could creek stomp and investigate the waters, which they loved! Then we found a super cool area that had a sandbox! So fun – except we had no sand toys because who knew?! Not us. If I go back I could definitely see myself setting up a chair by the creek area and letting the kids enjoy the day away from the business of the rest of the park area in those creeks.
A few quick things I’d recommend taking on your Parklands adventure
Towels, swimwear, sunblock, plastic bags to put your wet stuff in.
Sand toys, nets, possibly a bike or a trike if you and your kids are into that because this is seriously the ultimate place to go for a spin.
Packed lunch, because you could totally spend a whole afternoon here at the various features and enjoy a silent trip home with happy, summer tired kids sleeping in the back!
Stay tuned for more fun things to do for free or cheap in the Kentucky area this summer. Traveling is amazing but sometimes having a slow-paced summer at home is just what a family needs in the memory bank.

Here’s a LINK to the Parklands. 

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