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Felicia Delaney showcasing different wigs, representing the multifaceted nature of women and the diverse roles they embrace. I cosplay as a social media influencer a wig influencer on Instagram


Felicia Delaney is a mom blogger, lifestyle blogger, social media influencer in training and small business owner.


Felicia Delaney smiling while sitting with a Bernedoodle she trained at HappyDoodleFarm.com, representing her multifaceted life as a beauty enthusiast, small business owner, wig influencer and pet lover.
Felicia is wearing a short brown wig influencer. She started wearing wigs after battling hair loss. She wants to share her embarrassments with other women in her lifestyle blog.

Hey there! I’m Felicia Delaney, and let me tell you, I’ve been winging this whole life thing just like you. I’ve been obsessed with beauty, hair, and makeup for as long as I can remember, but – truth bomb – my interests are as diverse as my collection of wigs! And you know what? Beneath the surface, we all share those experiences that shape us into the wonderfully complex, multifaceted women we are.

So, here’s a little bit of my story: I’m a mom, small business owner, pet wrangler (seriously, my dogs are a trip), wife, makeup artist, travel enthusiast… the list goes on. I’ve made a million mistakes, battled depression, celebrated wild successes, and faced setbacks that knocked me flat. I’ve also battled hair loss, weight gain, and weight loss. Basically? I’m a woman figuring it all out one day at a time. Sound familiar?

Along the way, I realized that all women wear different hats (and sometimes wigs). As different as we all may seem, there are so many ways we are alike. This page is a space for us to connect, share our stories (the messy, beautiful, and everything in between), and embrace every single part of ourselves. We’re tossing those limiting stereotypes out the window and celebrating the fact that we wear many hats—or wigs! So, jump in, share your story, and let’s navigate this journey together. I can’t wait to connect with you.

Felicia Delaney has been into style and beauty for her whole life. She went to cosmetology school to learn how to make women feel beautiful. Which gave her a background to become a small business owner. Now she is on social media doing her best to spread positivity on her instagram page

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Felicia became a mom blogger years ago and her website expired and she lost all of her content. Now she focuse on Home blogs and Lifestyle blogger

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Home and Lifestyle Blog by Felicia Delaney all of my favorite Home and Lifestyle things I am not seeking to become a lifestyle blog influencer as much as documenting what I do in my life.
Family is important to me and so as a family blog this will allow me to share my family with people. The puppies are an extra part of my family. My work with happydoodlefarm.com has really allowed me to meet many great people who have also become family.
Felicia writes posts as a mom blogger, lifestyle blogger, wig blogger and is very active on social media aspiring to be a wig influencer to help women embrace all aspects of life that help them enhance their own self worth

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